Vegan Multi Vitamin & Multi Mineral Superfood Blend is Organic UK Certified, Organic EU Certified, suitable for vegans and suitable for vegetarians. It is dairy free and made in the UK.

Buy this 100% organic Multi Mineral Superfood Blend Online today. It supports increased energy levels, optimum health, detoxification, organic nourishment, digestive health, body alkalising, antioxidant levels, hormonal balance, stress, a healthy metabolism, people who don’t like the taste of fruit and vegetables and people who have a poor diet. It is made up of super-fruits and herbs.

Vegan Multi Vitamin & Multi Mineral Superfood Blend

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    • Maximum potency, 620mg proprietary blend capsule
    • 100% organic whole food supplement. Superfoods, super-fruits & herbs
    • Soil Association Organic Certified, vegan, vegetarian, made in the UK 


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